Amplitude modulation generator

Hi all,

So, I'm trying to inject a 150khz sinus, 80% sine modulated at 1khz for EMC simulation. (as specified by EN61000-4-6 (conducted immunity))

How can I modulate a Voltage function generator for simulation purpose?

Generating a freq domain simulation with a non-modulated frequency works fine, but I also need to see the behavior when modulated.

Is this doable?

by vespaman
April 16, 2022

You set me off on a bit of a study of amplitude modulation, see for the result. I'm not sure what you mean by "sinus" nor "EMC" so definitions of those terms would help.

by Foxx
May 13, 2022


This looks to be exactly what I was looking for. Very useful!

Sinus is Swedish for "Sine" sorry about that. I know sinus can be a very different thing in English. :)

EMC it short for Electro Magnetic Compatibility, and EN61000-4-6 is a common standard in EU for this.

Thank you very much, now I will be able to re-run my earlier (simpler) simulations. :)

by vespaman
May 14, 2022

I'm still working on this and chasing through old text books so there may be a few changes in the future. The big difference I've found so far is that the most comprehensible reference I have is in terms of cosines, not sines so I have to look at that. We studied it in university back in the mid 50's and I haven't touched it since.

by Foxx
May 15, 2022

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