How do I graph/plot DC to AC circuit?

Hi, I'm a hobbyist, so maybe this is a bone headed question... But, how do I plot the AC frequency in this circuit:

I'm trying to make a variable frequency circuit to drive piezo atomizer. I need to see the AC plot, but so far only get 'non-finite value' error. It could be I just don't know how to connect to the transformer output properly - I don't see piezo elements available, but a speaker or buzzer should behave as one, no? Please send a clue... thanks, -AC

by Bigsipper
January 02, 2015

CL is complaining about not understanding the value of something in the circuit.

The problem here is that you have placed a spurious h in the value of the primary inductance of XFMR1.

Change the Lpri of XFMR1 from:




then you can run the Time Domain simulation.

by signality
January 03, 2015

Ahhhh! Thanks!

by Bigsipper
January 03, 2015

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