Enter angular frequency for AC sources and impedances for capacitors/inductors


Copying from the above link,

I have some cosine equations for the voltage sources. To use them here, since they're cosine, I add 90 degrees to the phase angle and it works. But I wasn't getting the answer (12V) for V(v0) in steady state. I tried countless things and, finally, I thought the only thing could be I entered the calculated frequency (because the equation has angular frequency of 5000 rad/s) which was 795.77Hz to 2 decimals. So I got the frequency to 37 decimals and it gave me 12V in the long run as shown. And now it finally gave me the right answer. In university often we have the rad/s angular freq and I think a feature like this would help us out a lot, since we don't have to keep numbers to 37 decimals that way.

We could also have a way to fix the impedances of capacitors and inductors which is a common thing in university I see. Instead of just inductances and all, they give the whole calculated impedance with no angular frequency or reactances.


by bloodtalon
April 07, 2016

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