Request: Display POT K Parameter On Schmatic

The POT K Parameter has foiled my expected simulations results, as I had forgotten that I had changed it's value. It would be really nice if the K parameter was shown on the schematic.

Or, better yet, also move the arrow slider image to the represented relative position. Note: displaying the K value alone does not provide enough information if the POT is flipped or rotated.

Thanks, Eldonb46

by eldonb46
March 17, 2012

I do see how the potentiometer adjustment can be confusing.

I'd like to find a way to present that information without cluttering the schematic. We can't move the arrow slider to different positions dynamically, but here are a few ideas for different ways we might make this better:

I personally would prefer something like C or D to keep things cleaner on the schematic view. (Additionally, the user can decide to annotate with extra text elements if desired for that particular circumstance.)

Anyone with ideas here is welcome to suggest something!

by mrobbins
March 17, 2012

I prefer "B".

"B" provides current relative position with little clutter.

"A" is to difficult to visualize the relative position, "C" and "D" do not provide any position information.

Maybe to avoid clutter, a option (check box) could be included with "B" to display it or not. While adjusting a POT for simulations it could be displayed, but not displayed for clean publication and other documentation.

Thanks for your efforts. Eldonb46

by eldonb46
March 17, 2012

for C and D you would have to make it easier for 'R'otations to get this right for L/R orientations. I prefer B as well. But only one number needs to be shown.

So as you suggest - maybe B with a label like your current label showing the value in Ohms or the % is the right thing...

by Neon22
March 20, 2012

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