Ladder style relays

I am a teacher who use a school license to teach electrical engineering. One of our class is an introductory class about industrial control systems (Ladder). Before they venture into the world of PLC, we take a couple of weeks doing solid state relay logics because it is still frequently found in the field despite being a dinosaur technology.

We were able to draw schematics using momentary push buttons (normally closed and normally open) and limit switches. However, the relay symbol isn't cutting it when doing ladder style drawings. We got around this by drawing capacitors instead, but we couldn't strike them when they were supposed to be normally closed.

We kindly request that 3 new symbols be added to the part library, they are not required to simulate, but it would be nice if they did:

1) a relay coil control (A circle) (E.g: Re1) 2) A normally closed relay contact (Re1-1, Re1-2) 3) A normally open relay contact (Re1-1, Re1-2)

by smarcoux2
October 18, 2021

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