Small request

One of the first things I wanted to to was to plot a circuit's output and its theoretical output.

Minor glitch-- it's hard to impossible to visualize the similarity of the curves as by default it plots each curve with its own scale and zero origin. See:

It would REALLY be nice to have some way to request ONE set of axes for all the curves.

Failing that, how about being able to define a name for each expression we plot, so we can add a third plot based on the others, say: Volts - Theoretical.



by arduinohacker
March 26, 2012

Right now, the plotter groups things with the same units together on the same axes. (Adding the ability to make multiple separate graphs is near the top of the the to-do list.)

We just added the UNITLESS(...) operator to ask the plotter to strip the units from your expressions, and that will force them to be plotted with the same axes.

In your DC Sweep, change V(Volts)^1.5 to UNITLESS(V(Volts)^1.5) and change V(Volts) to UNITLESS(V(Volts)) and you'll see them aligned as desired.

by mrobbins
March 26, 2012

Ahhh, fantastic, that will do the trick!

I wondered if there was some sneaky way to strip the units, now there's a clean way.

by arduinohacker
March 26, 2012

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