Simulation: sweep parameter selection


"Time Domain Simulation" offers to select a sweep parameter.

This is supported by the user interface by way of drop down element. The drop down element shows a list of components with their available parameters, one at a line.

However, if you have even only a couple of components in your electrical circuit, the drop down element contains too many elements to fit them on the screen. The drop down element extends to the bottom of the screen and as such elements below that can not be selected.

Please use a different graphical user element so all available parameters are visible and selectable. Additionally it would be helpful if text entered into the parameter text box is used to filter the elements in the UI element list. Thanks. Dan

by Dan.Ka
October 25, 2019

I just figured that a) text entered into the parameter text field is already used to filter the entries in the drop down element. b) I don't know how to edit or delete posts in this forum. :-)

by Dan.Ka
October 25, 2019

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