Configurable switches

I have a situation where I want a single-pole, triple throw (on-off-on) switch. Don't see anything like it in the switches section.

But it seems like extra work to make ALL of the possible switch a configurable switch. "# Inputs", "#positions" - with [1,3] I could just not wire the middle one to get what I'm looking for.

by theGleep
October 02, 2012

Seconded. I have a need for two DP3T (on-off-on) switches. I have made due substituting 2x DPST switches for now, but it would be a lot cleaner with the correct switches. Not to mention fending off the "but what happens if I press them both at the same time" questions (which you wouldn't be able to with 1x DP3T) as the answer from reading the schematic is "mushroom cloud".

by JoeGTN1
December 17, 2012

Some generalization would also be helpful for relays. Using two DPDT relays instead of one 4PDT adds quite a bit of mess.

by washley
January 27, 2013

Yeah, I agree, but making "parametric" (parameter-driven) components could be quite a challenge.

by theGleep
January 28, 2013

A configurable switch is certainly a necessity. I need a special switch which is commonly used in electric guitars, known as a "5 way blade switch" and is used to select pickups. Although it has 5 "stops" it only has 3 input poles (positions 1, 3 and 5) and 1 output (or vice-versa). The intermediate positions (2 and 4) connect the output to two inputs simultaneously (1 and 3 in position 2, 3 and 5 in position 4). I have not found a way to achieve the same functionality with the existing switches. Also, there should be a way to make two or more switches work simultaneously (in tandem). If you could configure a rotary switch with several circuits (wafers?), this feature would be a must.

by Slurpy
June 17, 2013

Has there been any progress on this feature request? Even a "no, we're not going to do that" from CircuitLab would be nice to see. Apparently people have been asking for it for seven years.

by jp78
November 29, 2019

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