D-FilpFlop with asynchronous Set and Reset


please provide more flip-flop types like:

  • D-FF with reset
  • D-FF with preset
  • D-FF with clear
  • D-FF with set
  • SR-FF (not this is not a SR-latch)

I would like to document and public provide basic circuits of digital designs. This requires a wider variety of FF types.

Planned circuits:

  • digital input filters
    • and filter
    • or filter
    • mean filter
    • glitch filter
  • cross clock synchronizers
    • flag synchronizer
    • strobe synchronizer
    • vector synchronizer
    • command synchronizer
    • reset synchronizer
    • pulse synchronizer

I like this tool for documenting circuits and simulations.

by Paebbels
March 08, 2018

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