Custom Device Models

This page describes how to import and save Custom Device Models.


The Custom Device Model feature allows a user to create a customized device model for certain circuit elements. The device model contains all the input parameters needed to correctly simulate a specific part model from a specific manufacturer. Models can be saved, modified and used across all of that user's circuits.

Supported Elements

Currently, the following circuit elements support custom device models:

  • BJTs
  • Diodes
  • Op-Amps
  • Zener Diodes
  • Light-Emitting Diodes (LEDs)
  • JFETs

Standard Device Models

Most circuit elements that support custom device models will also support a number of standard device models. These models are based on actual part models that are popular with many of our users. To use a standard device model, open the parameter box and scroll down the list of device models on the left to the section labeled "Standard Device Models". Click on one of the rows to select that model. Standard Device Models are available to all users and cannot be modified or overwritten.

Custom Device Models

When opening the parameter box of a circuit element that supports custom device models, the list of available device models will be displayed on the left side of the parameter box. Click on one of the rows to select that model. Edit the parameters on the right side of parameter box.

To save a device model, click the green button labeled "Save Custom Device Model". The system will prompt you for a name. This name can be the same as the part model number, but does not have to be. Names are unique and you may not have two device models with the same name.

To delete a device model, hover the mouse over its name on the left side of parameter box and click on the black "X" that appears.

To refresh the list of custom device models, click the button labeled "Refresh" next to the heading "My Device Models" on the left side of the parameter box.

Importing SPICE Models

The Import from SPICE Model feature allows a user to import a specific device model by entering a SPICE model as text. First, click the button labeled "Import From SPICE Model". Another popup will appear, with a text input area. Then, enter the SPICE model into the text area and click "Import". If the import is successful, the parameters on the right side of the parameter box will be updated with values calculated from the SPICE model.

To save the SPICE model, click the green button labeled "Save Custom Device Model", and it will be saved as a custom device model.

Sharing Device Models

Custom device models may not be directly shared with other users. However, the parameter values associated with a custom device model are saved along with the circuit. Therefore, another user viewing a publicly-listed circuit containing an instance of a custom device model may see the parameters of that model.

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