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Not provided.


Not provided.


Looks great to me.

I see power-on, followed by a dead time where C1 charges, then Q1 comes out of saturation as the FET bias increases and begins to pinch off J6.. Exactly what I would expect.

Bias voltage in the 2 volt ballpark. That will change considerably with the FET in the "real world".

Voltage gain around 300 or so. That's well in the ballpark. Very high power gain, as input current for all practical purposes is zero.

FET's were a godsend for me back in those days, as they let me "see" a signal without loading it, as well as their negative bias let me use only positive voltages on the circuit elements while the input was referenced to ground.

Thanks for the help on the workaround.

by anubi
April 22, 2012

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