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A way to find and plot the energy delivered to a load.

Simulate > Time Domain > Run Time-Domain Simulation


V(square) is a 0V to 1V squarewave.

V2 gates this signal so that it is zero prior to T=1ps.

V(load) then generates pulses of 1W power dissipation in R1 at a 50% duty cycle.

P(Rload) plots this power dissipation.

V3 then calculates the power dissipation in R1.

V(power) plots the same power as P(Rload)

The Laplace block, LB1, integrates the power calculated by V3.

V(energy) is therefore proportional to the energy being delivered to R1.

V(energy) is scaled at 1V/Joule.

Simulate > Time Domain > Run Time-Domain Simulation


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