How to wire a house using 3 phase

We are getting Single phase power and 3 phase power delivered to our property via our own dedicated transformer. We want to rewire the house and other buildings so that we can use different appliances on different phases. We have 4 air conditioners, 3 hot water units, and the usual assortment of things you would find in a house. The other buildings have a similar setup. It seems to make sense to split the hot water units across each phase and to do something similar with the air conditioners.

But the big question is what sort of distribution unit do I need to achieve this? It will have 3 phase power going in and then it needs to supply single phase circuit breakers that may each be connected to one of the three phases.

We also want the system to be protected by an RCD. Is this doable? Reference:

by Deion_Adel
December 19, 2021

All you need is a 3-Phase distribution panel and in that panel, you can isolate 120volts and 208volts... 3 hot wires, 1 neutral & ground = 3 phase 1 hot wire & 1 neutral & a ground = single phase

I suggest you hire a professional to do this

by BoyHenderson
December 21, 2021

In fact, you may be obliged, by law, to hire a professional to do it, even if it is for your own home. More, insurance companies may refuse to pay if any claim is made, and they see that a non-professional touched to the distribution panel. Check with your own local juridiction.

by vanderghast
December 21, 2021

1 Answer

Answer by mackenhat

Hire a certified electrician

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by mackenhat
December 20, 2021

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