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Given two dc sources, drawn as battery symbols in series, one being a 160V/220A EV battery, the other a 160V HV DC current limited power supply, with a load (INVERTER) drawn as a 1.6 ohm/80kW resistor across the two sources in series , is there any reason this wouldn’t work, given that the power supply , by itself can power a 360V/220A/80kW load by itself, without the battery ? The question is whether the two sources are incompatible and therefore not able to work in series or whether it makes no difference as long as both sources can handle the 220A current ? Is there anything that would prevent you from connecting these two very different dc sources in series ? For that matter, does it even make any difference what the voltages of the two sources are as long as they total 360V ? Is there any reason the current limiting wouldn’t work in this configuration ? (given that in order to source more current , the battery pack has to have a path to ground that allows more current and the power supply current limiting should prevent that) Not that it matters, the inverter’s load is a 3-phase EV motor, which it drives just fine with the dc supply by itself. The purpose of the question is to understand WHY this would not work, if that is the case. I believe it has something to do with the difference in the internal resistance of the two sources, which , while both dc sources drawn as equivalent dc sources, are , in actual fact, far from equivalent.

by raschemmel
April 17, 2021
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