Puzzle over symptoms

I am trying to repair a motorola moto g play cell phone. It suddenly went dead. I have disassembled the phone and removed the battery and motherboard. The battery appears fine it takes and holds a charge and lights a 6 volt bulb. When I measure resistance from battery + terminal to ground I get approx 1 meg ohm and reducing suggesting capacitors are being charged. If I then connect the battery( 3.8 volts) nothing appears to happen but if I then disconnect the battery the resistance from battery + terminal to ground shows a short. After about 10 mins doing nothing the short disappears !. Is this a faulty capacitor ? How might I identify the suspect device ?

Thanks for any help and Happy New Year. Tony

by tonydix
January 16, 2020

the 6 volt bulb lighting up means battery OK. The short is actually a capacitor discharging via your ohm meter. The defect may be hidden deep in the electronics

by nico1957
January 22, 2020

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