How to Design a voltage change detector circuit

Help with designing a universal voltage change detector.

The input voltage as well as the Pull up resistor could be differential.

Basically i want to output a digital signal when the voltage drops 0.5 volt regardless of the input voltage.

Eg.. V drops from 14 to 13.5 output=1

by Eng_Roy
December 06, 2019

1 Answer

Answer by Chamsta

Hi Eng_Roy,

My best attempt at solving your problem wouldn't result in a universal 'plug and play' circuit, but one which could be adapted to the circuit in which it is being placed.

I would suggest a comparator with a 10k resistor and a 10k trimmer potentiometer, allowing you to put the detector in place, and fine tune it to output the value '1' based off a percentage of the max value being input to the comparator.

It maybe isn't perfect in terms of what you are looking for, but it certainly is one way to go about it without knowing any more constraints.

Hope this helps, Chris.

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by Chamsta
December 10, 2019

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