Remove float charge for device

I have two deep cycle batteries in my trailer being fed by two 400 WATT solar panel. My problem is that I think the float charge is elevating my 12VDC system beyond 13.8 VDC. Most normal bulb lights work fine, but my LED bulbs won't work; neither will my USB charging hub with a 12VDC input voltage. I suspect the excessive voltage may be causing the issues with the electronic LEDs and USB hub charger.

Question 1: If I wanted to reduce the voltage to 12VDC over the circuit for just these devices how would I do that? Diode I am assuming? The LEDs are 5WATT and the USB can run between 1.5 to 5 AMPS.

Question 2: Is it possible this is some type of grounding issue instead? I basically have the power and ground coming directly from battery...

Any feedback would be appreciated! jim

by Jbeauchemin
October 10, 2019

Anyone out there up for this challenge? :-)

by Jbeauchemin
October 11, 2019
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