Remote Control servos

Could anybody help me with this circuit diagram please needed for me as i am going to operate points on a model railway with servos from remote control.As Remote Control is usual is infra red and has a transmitter circuit board and a receiver board,i want to operate the points by where there is 6 at the moment on the layout i would need some sort of electronic circuit by cable to change them.There is a 12V supply and there is a two way switch which has the 3 terminals,the middle one the common one. one.I have loads of radio parts and want to make my own boards up on Veroboard. There is a couple of companies who make ready made products but the fun is making your own.All i need is a circuit diagram.Could anybody help out there please or know who could draw one, I would try to draw a plan if needed, Thank You,

by r0ck1nb0nz0
January 18, 2018

Making the circuit diagram is even more fun than making your own components so if someone does it for you, you miss half the fun. The big thing missing in your description is the operator inputs; in other words what initiates movement of the points? Maybe pushbuttons? If that's the case the pushbutton picks up a relay which starts the servo movement and the servo would then move to the end of travel and be stopped at the end of travel by a limit switch which would drop out the relay. Or perhaps I don't understand what you're doing.

by Foxx
January 18, 2018

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