Non-Overlap or overlapping?

I need to create a state diagram for a sequence detector using mealy model. But i couldn't understand that should i design it as overlapping or non-overlapping shape. It should outputs 1 when it catches data 0111.

So should i create a diagram with using overlapping or non-overlapping?

by ManWithWhite
June 11, 2020

That would be relatively trivial with a microcontroller (Arduino, MSP432, ... ) since you can adjust the process by software to determine the timing of the signal sampling (frequency of the sampling) and then compare the sequence of bits against an easy to modify bits pattern. Output a match found by the software running on the MCU to a GPIO pin of your choice of the microcontroller.

All by hardware, assuming that you can get the right clock frequency to feed a shift register with the sampled signal. Then, it is a matter to compare the N bits (N= length of the pattern to detect) to the N first bits of the shift register with a XOR gate (one XOR gate for each bit). You have a match if all the N gates return 0 at a given moment.

by vanderghast
June 14, 2020
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