Amplifier circuit Board Part info

Hey guys Ive been doing some work on an amplifier replacing the RCA jacks on the circuit board and right behind the jacks itself on the board was 2 tiny yellow square parts attached to the board and when i finished soldering the rcas off they broke off the board, trying to figure out what the part is and what it is used for. Also if the amp can still operate without it. Thank you guys, needing much help on this one!!

by MikeService91
December 06, 2018

Which of these was the amplifier?

Which of these was the part?

by mikerogerswsm
December 06, 2018 This is the part I'm trying to get more details about, going to try and wrap this up today if I can, the new phone adapters came in the mail today. So would like to know if I even need to mess with it or not..

by MikeService91
December 07, 2018

The amplifier is a MTX Thunder T4001 400RMS

by MikeService91
December 07, 2018

2 Answers

Answer by MikeService91

I really do appreciate the help! And the amplifier is a MTX THUNDER T4001 400RMS .

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by MikeService91
December 07, 2018

Answer by mikerogerswsm

Thanks. These are capacitors but we need to know the exact lettering on them. I would guess at 0.1uF, in which case the lettering should include 104j. Alternatively take the old ones to your local electronics store and ask them.

The amplifier seems to be a 400W in-car system, complete with sub-woofer speakers of 4(!!) or 2(!!!) ohms presumably intended to deafen everyone within a five mile radius.

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by mikerogerswsm
December 07, 2018

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