What resistance?

I need to determine the resistance of this resistor but coloured bands don't seem to agree with any color chart I've seen. Is this a 7ohm resistor?


October 12, 2021

Black, Violet, Black is a possible special inductor value of 7.2nH @ 250MHz, 5% tolerance. Could be something else, though.

by vanderghast
October 13, 2021

If a ohm-meter reports close to 0 ohm, that is probably an inductor, indeed.

by vanderghast
October 13, 2021

1 Answer

Answer by SMELZBAD

K...thanks guys...it does measure .1 to .2 ohm with multimeter...it is labelled as a resistor on PCB though...from a Samsung led SMPS.

+1 vote
October 13, 2021

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