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I need to build a energy harvesting circuit for piezo electric material. While pressing the piezzo electric material I am getting the 15V , output voltage, but current I am getting in micro Amps range. I need to store the energy and increase the current rating to amps. Could your please guide me to make the circuit?

by sirkazhisuresh
December 17, 2018

Perhaps you need to learn a little physics. I understand you wish to harvest energy. First you must have energy to harvest, and then you need to arrange a suitable means of harvesting. For your needs of several amps at 15V, I would suggest an electromagnetic generator of some sort.

Piezo devices do not produce continuous current, they only produce charge. The amount of charge is very small as you found. They are not suitable for energy harvesting unless you arrange an oscillatory means of providing mechanical energy input. Even then the efficiency is very low.

Here is a research paper on piezo energy harvesting: https://www.researchgate.net/publication/281687548_Experimental_comparison_of_piezoelectric_rectifying_circuits_for_energy_harvesting

You will see he actually achieves 27uW output from an enormous mechanical input. Your needs are a million times greater.

by mikerogerswsm
December 18, 2018

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