question about circuit lab sim

Does it not do a live simulation where you can flip switches and see LEDs turn on/off only voltage checks?

by DarkShadowX5
December 25, 2018

In the circuit above the dc settling of the diode is 1.969V.

I don't understand why you need a switch.

by mikerogerswsm
December 25, 2018

If you are after the transient time-domain settling you could use a square wave source listed under digital primitive and a suitable dc offset voltage at the other end of the diode..

by mikerogerswsm
December 26, 2018

thanks for the comment. I'm just use to real time simulators. where you can flip switches to see different things happen. I like this website because of the forum it has. this site and simulator is great if you just need to share a schematic easily like you just did.

A real time sim like this is what im use too but there is no forum sharing designs and ideas for it. https://www./circuit/

by DarkShadowX5
December 26, 2018

Yes, folk have often commented on the lack of mechatronic type simulation. CircuitLab seems pretty good on circuit simulation but won't so far as I know handle switch inputs

by mikerogerswsm
December 26, 2018

See for a few examples of how to use switches within CircuitLab. (But not real-time / interactive.)

by mrobbins
December 29, 2018

Hullo Mike, Nice to see you round, first time you've posted for a very long time.

Thanks for that. We often get time-domain switch questions and similar, for example I recall a question on lift control by relays. The questioner wanted to watch it all happen in real time.

One switch is time-related and switches at a time defined under 'edit parameters' and anorher one is voltage-controlled, again defined under 'edit parameters', but these don't fully answer a simple switch/relay sequencing problem.


by mikerogerswsm
December 29, 2018

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