high school physics teacher teaching from home

Hello, I am a high school physics teacher. We are in the middle of our electricity unit and are just finishing our spring break. At this point, we will be teaching from home until April 6 (here in MO), but we might be teaching from home the rest of the year. I had planned on working with my students doing some basic breadboarding circuits - lighting up LEDs, flashing LEDs with a 555, etc. This unit is just a bit of basics to give them an intro to DC electronics. Had we been in the classroom, I would be presenting some breadboard schematics to analyze and then to breadboard it.

Here are a few questions: (1) Can students join a 'class' on this site with pre-made lessons? (2) Is there a way to place a 'working' breadboard into the workbench? (3) to verify assignment completion, my thoughts were to have students take pics along the way. (4) students will have their computers (HP) at home (5) I have started looking at TINKERCAD circuits for help, too.

Any help, suggestions, and assistance would be most appreciated! Thank you, Alan (KCMO)

by agleue
March 21, 2020

2 Answers

Answer by kfabianski

Hi there I am an Engineering teacher from NH and trying to do a similar thing. Students are saving labs as there name lab1 etc. I have questions written associated with labs from Mr Circuit from Electronic Kourseware

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by kfabianski
April 03, 2020

Answer by Luciusthesun

Hey Alan,

I am a student finishing up my bachelor's for physics. My electronics for scientists course moved to this website as well. For your questions:

1) I am not sure if they can join a classroom or not. I have not seen any options for that; however, they can make their work "public" so you or anyone else can log on and take a look at it. How that is done I'm unaware of because we submit our work differently.

2) One can always log on and continue his or her work bench, but importing 'working' circuits to another user may or may not be possible. That I am unaware of; I apologize because I am new to this as well. But when I was stuck on a problem, I was able to find a solution from my professor by exporting an image of my circuit and emailing it to him. So that is a feature if that helps.

3) Students taking pics works. And as stated in the previous answer, one can export an image of the circuit diagram under the Files option.

4) Home computer should work; mine does. You may need to set up a membership for each student, but this would depend on how much and how sophisticated the labs are. We do one every week and use many of the features so week certainly started with the membership. That being said I am not sure if you can get away without paying for some membership.

5) Not aware of the software. (No comment)

Hope this helps.



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by Luciusthesun
April 03, 2020

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