Waveform Amplification and distribution


I have a waveform generator that can produce a 5V output and I need to amplify it to 24V and 0.2amps in 6 different channels. I would ideally like some sort of dock that I could plug an external power source into with 6 independent amplifiers that could take the original waveform and distribute it to 6 different circuits. Im a little stuck on how to do this. Does anyone know how it could be done?

by Jake1oz
June 25, 2020

1 Answer

Answer by vanderghast

Is a typical SIMPLE schema for that case. It is called an OpAmp with Negative Feedback. The gain is proportional to - R2/R1. Minus implies that the polarity is reversed when compared to the input (180 degree out phased). A typical application has equal absolute voltages for the two rails (like +15V and -15V). The maximum cannot exceed the voltage at the positive rail less few volts (say, up to 13V in our example) and the minimum output voltage cannot be less than the voltage at the negative rail plus few volts, say no lower than -13V (unless you use an OpAmp which is certified "rail to rail"). There may be an accentuated distortion near the 0 volt for some OpAmp.

Oh, really important too, the gain decreases with an increase of the FREQUENCY of in input signal. That depends on the OpAmp what you are using. Other components can be added to enhanced the circuit.

Alternatively, you can use multi stages bipolar transistors to amplify either the voltage, either the amperage, but those solutions are generally with a little bit more complexity.

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by vanderghast
June 27, 2020

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