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Hi I'm a students of marine engineer . I've used your program last semester, and has become fond of it. This semester we've started on high voltage. Is it possible to make my own symbols from scratch and save them in the menu bar on the left. This feature will make it possible for me to use Circuitlab, instead of starting to learn a new program.

Thanks in advance Best regards

by Tarsi
February 12, 2016


It is only possible to make rectangular Custom Parts using the Annotation Tools.

It is not possible to create arbitrary symbols from scratch

It is not possible to save any form of symbol in the menu bar on the left.

You can only save them on your own schematic sheets, using a sheet like a library with several symbols on it.

I can only suggest that you add you voice to this feature request thread:

which also suggests one of several possible alternatives.

by signality
February 14, 2016

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