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As Mr. Humberto Evans/CircuitLab say, I was nice, constructive, and specific. However, it is quite frustrating (and unfair) to be waiting for real support with no professional answers from CircuitLab, who simply ignores us. I have been a loyal customer (paying my bills on time) for a long time now. One of the many (annoying) bugs I found during all this long time is that I cannot copy/paste from one schematic to another. It only pastes one item. Can someone help, please? Thank you! Julian

by Julianortu
May 09, 2020

Hi Julian, I'm unable to reproduce this issue -- it seems to work totally fine for me! Here's what I did:

I clicked on your username and opened your public circuit:

and then I did the following:

  1. Edit -> Select All
  2. Edit -> Copy
  3. File -> New
  4. Edit -> Paste (in the new tab)

It appears to have copy and pasted your entire circuit correctly for me! I added some text and saved it. Here's my copy:

I am using Chrome 81.0.4044.129 (from chrome://version).

Would you be able to open the Chrome Developer Tools console and see if there are any error messages printed out when you hit copy and/or paste? Thanks.

by mrobbins
May 09, 2020

Thanks! Will do. Now, facts: I sent CircuitLab a video where I show step by step that I cut and paste, and it only pastes one item. I have the latest Chrome (actually I was a Google 2CK Manager, so I always have the latest stuff), but CircuitLab is the only soft which does not work with my computer, an HP Elite. Regards, Julian

by Julianortu
May 09, 2020

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