Bug?: graphing wrong/measing for this capacitor charging circuit

by hkienle
January 09, 2022

Yeah, i checked it out - weird. If you add a second probe under the capacitor the spikes disappear. I'm new to circuit lab and a finding the Time Domain Analysis super buggy!

by Microk
February 02, 2022

Thanks for your reply. I wish the developers were a bit more active in this forum...

I guess the current spikes are super tiny (nA, pA)? If you add the second probe that you propose the graph's resolution no longer shows the spikes but they are still present, I believe.

If I delete the first probe and add the second then the spike is visible (again).

I am a newbie to simulators. So far I have been mostly happy with the TDA, but I don't really have the expertise to spot bugs. I will be on my guard from now on...! :)

by hkienle
February 04, 2022

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