My circuit got delete - any way to recover?


I was working on a circuit. All of a sudden, I got a notification saying I was running the demo and i couldn't continue (I'm on a paid plan). The server went down for a while. When it came back...everything in the circuit I was working on was deleted. Is there any way to recover this or has all my work been lost?

by rghose
June 14, 2015

Thanks...I'll send in a request.'s not a free service...I pay every month. :(

by rghose
June 20, 2015

I too was also caught out by the warning that I was using the demo version of CL. Without further warning my current and past work was lost. When I paid for the HACKER account I fully expected my work would have been transferred across. If it is not possible to do this then a warning should be shown giving the user the opportunity to open and save their intellectual property at home in printed format.

by HobbyLab
August 08, 2015

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