Unable to save plot images

Doing 'save as' on an exported plot image does nothing.

I have a Hacker Lite account, running circuitlab on google chrome.

Anyone have any ideas?

by osmosium
April 15, 2021

Hi @osmosium, I just tried this. It appears to be a new bug in Google Chrome.

I have two temporary workarounds to suggest while we look into this:

  1. After clicking "Export Plot Images", the new tab appears with the plot image. Instead of right click -> Save Image As (which appears to be broken in Google Chrome right now), you can drag the image from the Google Chrome browser window to a folder. This worked for me in Chrome 89.
  2. Alternatively, use Firefox as your browser. In Firefox 87, the "Save Image As" works fine for me.

Thanks for reporting this issue!

by mrobbins
April 15, 2021

a mí me sucede lo mismo, pero adicionalmente en la gráfica de onda sinusoidal no me aparece el eje vertical de voltaje, sólo el de tiempo horizontal. He variado la resolución de pantalla y nada. Agradezco cualquier aporte

by raysena
July 27, 2021

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