first time try to simulate a oscillator, but i cannot simulate correctly

I try to simulate this oscillator, to see the voltage and current change of the led. But it never shows any thing, is there anyone can help me to simulate it ???

by zivcheung
June 24, 2017

A few things:

  1. Voltage source "v1" has a value of "9v" which isn't interpreted properly. It should just be "9".
  2. Changed values to plot to the two base voltages of Q1 and Q2.
  3. Changed Stop Time to "10". (10 seconds! This is a slow oscillator!)
  4. Changed Time Step to "0.1" (100ms.)

After making these four changes, I see oscillation! I think it's just a slow oscillator :)

by mrobbins
June 25, 2017

Thanks, it is a slow oscillator. I don't have much experience about simulation and also new to electronics as well. this is the first schismatic i try to simulate. I have learned many basic points from you answer. all in all , thanks. o

by zivcheung
June 26, 2017

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