Probably a bug in "Save As" SOLVED

In Editor when you click "Save As" for example by mistake and click Cancel your circuit is not saved but it looses original name and Save does not work as previously expected. Not big deal, however it is a bit pain and frustration for the user. :) As on hacker license I want to report and see it fixed. :)

by febb
April 10, 2021

Thanks @febb. I was able to reproduce this issue and we'll take a look! No bug too small, thanks for your report :)

by mrobbins
April 14, 2021

Hi @febb. We just pushed a fix for this issue. You will need to reload any editor sessions you have open for the fix to take effect. Thanks for the bug report!

by hevans
April 15, 2021

It is fixed. Thanks!

by febb
April 28, 2021

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