Custom DC sweep


I am trying to create a custom DC sweep with these voltages:


Ie. voltage goes from 1 to 20, then back down to 1.

When I run the DC sweep, the simulator only goes up to 20V, then ends.

Is it possible to get the full custom sweep?

This screenshot show what I am trying to do:

Thank you!

by futureshocked
June 05, 2015

You cannot directly do an up/down sweep in CL.

However, this might help:

Please do not post links to images of your schematics. It is unnecessary and wastes peoples time. If you want to show a schematic, please make it public or unlisted and then copy and paste a link to it from the Summary/Description page (like the link I just pasted in above).

by signality
June 05, 2015

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