Drugging in Editor is sometimes a bit slow and lagging

Since you have honored me by hacker lite license, I want to make CL better. I like CL editor for realistic sensations. :)

Although sometimes I have noticed some lugging movements, when I drug components with "smart wires" on.

For example USB 5V voltage source here:


I have the same machine: Windows 7 Pro, Intel Core 5 2400 CPU and updated Chrome browser.

It is NOT critical at all, but I am curious - may be you want to check if "smart wires" calculations contributes to this phenomena or something else? Not sure. Sometimes it is fine. I did not run anything in parallel on my machine.

I noticed that it may happen when component picture mess up with connected wires and it is probably has some problems with dynamic updating view optimally. May be it is just some issue with my computer.


by febb
January 04, 2022

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