Importing transistor from datasheet.

I want to use an STM STWH13009 transistor:


Can somebody please help me translate the parameters from this datasheet, which are the same parameters on every transistor datasheet, into CircuitLabs parameters, which are never found on a transistor datasheet?

It's frustrating because I've never actually been able to use CircuitLab for parts I have datasheets for because I can't figure out how to calculate the strange parameters that CircuitLab wants.

Thanks, Jason

by jasonc
July 08, 2012

@jasonc, sorry but you cannot simply map datasheet parameters onto a device simulation model.

However, if you can find a spice model for your target device, then you can edit the relevant parameters of one of the built-in CL models and use that in your circuit.

That said, it looks as though there is no spice model for the STWH13009. You may have to try to find an alternative part or at least the model for one.

For more information please see this thread:

Note that there are some unanswered questions about editing CL model parameters (which may not affect you anyway):

by signality
July 09, 2012

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