MOSFET Channel Length and Width

Is there a way to change MOSFET channel length (L) and channel width (W) parameters in Circuit Lab?

When editing I can only see KP, VTO, LAMBDA, R_G, R_S, R_D, C_ISS, C_OSS and C_RSS.

by davidissamattos
February 19, 2014

From my experience with CL, at present, I think not.

This feature:

only changes the symbol (via the DISP button at the bottom of the parameter list opened by double clicking the symbol), not the parameter list.

It's not clear what CL does about missing parameters because they do not publish information about their models the way the different flabours of Spice do.

This is a related question from a while ago:

by signality
February 21, 2014

Thank you

by davidissamattos
February 21, 2014


My class's final design project involves designing the L and W of two MOSFETs, and I cannot get the Transient Analysis output to show the 'correct' response, as compared to MultiSIM.

by maxhaddan
April 29, 2014

If you can (a) make your example unlisted and email the url to me privately (via my profile, so nobody get's to see anything they shouldn't) and (b) email me your Multisim spice netlist (I can't deal with Mutisim files directly), I can have a look to see what might be up.

Would that help?


by signality
April 30, 2014

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