Mide Side Microphone Matrix with OP Amp

hey friends, we are working on a projekt for our SAE study. It´s an mide side processor based on two op amps. it´s runnig with two batterys we want to change the power supply. what do you think about that circuit, any suggestion of the schematic. you feedback is important for us. best Ludwig

June 27, 2012

Hi, Sounds very interesting and looks familiar with what I am doing with the MAX414BCPD quad act OP Amp. I am trying to make out of the mic input a sort of Spectrum Analyzer. The question I have I am running on a DC offset of 5 Volts (rms) and ask myself if this is not too much of Volts for the mic input? I saw in your Left and right approx uV....Thanks for any hints

by Y3g
February 21, 2013

Thanks for the comment. The project finaly works fine. best Ludwig

May 21, 2013

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