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Without getting into a flame war or immediate "This should be in another thread" I have not found another thread that adequately covers my position but am open to suggestions. Here goes...

I have been using circuitlab to test simple subcircuits for projects (or just to check that my math is write) over the course of several months. I use it because it's simple, free, and lightweight. It allows me to perform these aforementioned tasks with a great degree of flexibility and without needing to lug a notebook/netbook computer around to do so. Now to get to the meat of the matter. In terms of advertisement, I'm all for increasing revenue for the services provided and establishing a sound financial model for the continued use of said service. I am not ok with having the adverts pop up while I am trying to place components or any such manner of the build process. This is to say that I despise the concept of ads on any site/service that insert themselves in-between the user and the structures/content they are trying to work on. In my opinion, I belive this is a breach of basic user interface design principles. All that said, if the adverts could be moved to an area of intermittent status such as testing the circuit with the solver or saving the circuit (or even on opening it with a one time per session splash page) would be much more helpful than the current interruptive ad system. For those of you who have been reading this, let the comments of positive and negative opinion/origin begin!

by PortPhr34k3r
June 05, 2013

Hi PortPhr34k3r,

I'm glad you find the CircuitLab software useful, and we understand your concerns. You can use the full interruption-free version of CircuitLab by upgrading to one of our Hacker plans. Of course you can also keep using the free trial version of CircuitLab for as long as you want.


by hevans
June 05, 2013

After looking further into the 'Hacker' plans, I have determined that the price range is not appealing for the services provided. I always find it irritating when sites/services add adverts without really providing any additional functionality that would warrant a banner or paywall. In addition, I find my interest in the site and it's usefulness ever damaging by aforementioned difficulties and the fact that despite claims my tablet still cannot properly use the site. (Not trying to split hairs, just throwing it out there. I'd like to see other member's input and how this change impacts their editing.


by PortPhr34k3r
June 05, 2013

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