industrial circuit diagram and modelling


is it possible to simulate here simple industrial circuits as for me to understand better about it. Like using relays, timers, sensors, etc.



by enriqueronald
September 04, 2012


Welcome to Circuitlab (CL).

The answer to your question is yes and no.

CL does have a few relay symbols and models but it does not have most of the symbols for general industrial timers, sensors, controllers and so on.

However, if you have the time to learn enough about using CL, then you can build models of pretty much any system using the available primitives (basic symbols and models) to build up more complex functions and sub-systems.

For example you can use behavioural modelling to make timers, oscillators and sequencers with the PWL() and PWS expressions:

applied to the arbitrary behavioural voltage and current sources:

You can use voltage or current sources to represent inputs and variables in your simulation (CL does not support parameterisation yet):


Two voltage sources used to represent upper and lower trip levels in a schmitt trigger (plus an behavioural signal source):

A voltage source used to represent the Mu of a 12AU7 thermionic valve:

You will have to think quite laterally to design a simulation that way but such is the world of simulation.

If you need a wider selection of industrial components and simulation more aimed at industrial systems then you might want to have a look at these FOSS packages:

which is part of:

Or there's a similar FOSS package derived from this:

which includes Xcos (based on Scicos):

by signality
September 05, 2012

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