Problem in Flyback Transformer

Hi friends,

I am trying to design a Flyback converter(Vin=15 volts, Vout=15 volts, fsw=140kHz) in general purpose PCB. The Mosfet(IRF510) is being driven from TL494. I have checked that the mosfet is being successfully driven by TL494. But after connecting the transformer(E 16/7/6) in sec side, I observed some notches for usec duration instead of a square wave voltage. I have checked the xformer separately after winding it by giving signal from a SIGNAL GENERATOR, where the output is coming correctly.

      Can anyone suggest me any tests that can be done to sort out the cause of the xformer malfunctioning, which will be of great help to me.

  Thanks in advance.


by shom_show
May 18, 2013

Your question is too vague.

If you can draw your circuit in CircuitLab and make it unlisted or public then we can see it and comment.

It will be possible but difficult to simulate it in CL.

Screenshots of waveforms might help.

Your problem may be nothing directly to do with the transformer. It may be your circuit is unstable.

You might like to have a look through this thread:

and read these:

by signality
May 20, 2013

Does this help?

by signality
May 20, 2013

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