DC voltage tripler


I am new to circuit labs, and i was trying to get a known DC voltage tripler circuit to work here.

What am I doing wrong?




by drworry
December 01, 2019

You are almost there! Assuming, for example, that your transformer is converting 120VAC-RMS to 10VAC-RMS, the transformer parameters need N=12; thus, 12:1 Primary to Secondary ratio. I also changed your timing parameters in the Time-Domain Simulation. It makes it a little easier to check that the input AC peak voltages are what would be expected.

Your circuit with these two changes:


Then I added capacitance and loads to the outputs. You will notice that without this, the outputs approximate SQRT(2) times 10, and times 30. The tripler is a half-wave circuit, so more smoothing and adding loads helps to see outcomes closer to the targets of 10, 20, and 30 VDC:


Three graphs detail inputs to the tripler, output voltages and currents for 500 ohm loads.


by jaf2009
September 17, 2020

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