Charging battery

I am looking to figure out how batteries will react in different charging scenarios. For instance Multiple batteries in parallel vs in series, and under different discharge scenarios, such as the one shown below.

I am looking to view the results over a time domain, however I see that battery voltage does not change overtime. Can anyone please help?

by reidkersey
May 17, 2013

Sorry but battery models in CL are not that sophisticated.

They are only ideal voltage sources (effectively infinite battery capacity with zero source resistance) and have a small non-zero source resistance added as part of the model.

To do what you want, you need to model the battery at least as a (very large) capacitor with a series source resistance or for more accurate simulations, as a ladder array of large capacitors connected together with series resistances and each having some internal series resistance too.

You can do this in CL but it is a bit laborious.

You'll need to underrstand how to set the intitial conditions on a capacitor for a charged - as opposed to starting every simulation from an empty - battery:

Some background from googling:

battery spice model

by signality
May 20, 2013

I'm running into something very similar... I want to simulate a circuit that charges a backup battery.

Has this been submitted as a Feature Request yet?

by TSayles
May 25, 2013

"Has this been submitted as a Feature Request yet?"

Not as far as I know.

For your circuit you may be able to just simulate V1 and BAT1 simply as two time varying voltage sources so that at different times V(V1) > V(BAT1) and at others V(V1) < V(BAT1).

Note however that as drawn at 130526, your circuit will not work. The output of U1 (NODE2) will not charge your 13.5V BAT1 through D3 because NODE2 will never exceed 5V.

by signality
May 26, 2013

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