Design of a 2's complement crcuit

Dear, I want to build a circuit which will have following features.

I/P: X15 X14 X13 X12... ... ... ...X0 bits O/P: 2's complement of the input.

Can u pls help me to draw the circuit?

Thanx in advance

by saugata28
December 03, 2012

@saugata28, remember the two's complement operation (16 bits) can be calculated as:

1) 216 - X

2) 1's complement(X) + 1

Following (2), taking into account that 1's complement operation of X can be implemented as the inversion of the bits in X, so one way to build a 2's complement operator is:

a) An array of 16 inverters to invert (individually) all Xi bits, X'15 ... X'o

b) A 16-bits adder to calculate X'15 ... X'o + 1

by frodrigu
February 07, 2013

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