Exporting circuit to VeeCAD for veroboard layout

My finished projects inevitably end up on strip board (veroboard). I've just bought VeeCAD to plan the board layouts. It accepts Protel format netlists from TinyCAD (among others).

But I can't pull myself away from CircuitLab for planning the circuit itself. Sadly I don't see how I can transfer a circuit to TinyCAD (or VeeCAD). I don't think CircuitLab has any kind of exporting capabilities?

Also, what would be great is if CircuitLAB could associate circuit elements with parts in a component, e.g. associate NAND gate inputs and outputs with pins of a particular IC, perhaps so I could export it directly to VeeCAD.

My questions -

  1. Are there any suggestions how I might best do this as of now?
  2. Are there any plans to extend CircuitLab to simplify question 1?
by Jodes
June 22, 2015

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