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I am a new fan of Circuit Lab! I've been using it to check my EE homework. The last problem I did didn't match up with the simulation as I expected. Here's the link to the simulation.

This is the simulation set up in the way that I thought would match up with my solution to the problem. I set the CCCS to R9.nA. I figured since I defined my loop current when I was solving the problem as clockwise around mesh B (R8-R9-VCVS1), it would be going into pin A on R9. However, the simulation doesn't match my solution unless I set the CCCS to R9.nB.

Why is R9.nA not equivalent to the loop current in the clockwise direction that I was considering?

by alpenglow
September 27, 2015


Welcome to CL.

Please see:


and note you have placed R9 in the CL schematic so that current is flowing out of R9.nA.


by signality
September 27, 2015

Thank you, @signality!

by alpenglow
September 28, 2015

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