User built components

Add to wish-list: the ability for a user to create a circuit with specified inputs and outputs, and later use one or more copies of the circuit in a larger circuit. Especially needed in digital circuits. I could use circuitlab in the Computer Architecture course I teach if it had this capability.

by g2hamlin
February 29, 2012

To which I would add: "the ability to create arbitrary, N-terminal devices"

Let's say I am modelling an acoustic resonator as a series-RLC circuit in parallel with a capacitor, and that in series with a matching circuit, all inside a box having two terminals. But in my particular circuit, I have many of these boxes in series and parallel combinations and I'd like treat them as two-terminal devices having certain properties. I don't even need to see their schematics; just two-terminal boxes which I can name. They're not components as such, but I would like to be able to treat them that way.

by Europium
February 29, 2012

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