Time-Controlled Switches, Closed to Open

Hi CircuitLab,

I may be mistaken, and this component may already exist...but it seems like there are only time-controlled switches which close at a given time, rather than open.

Am I missing something here? A switch that creates an open circuit at a given time would be a really great component to have

by ConnorBecz
September 04, 2020

Hi @ConnorBecz, the time-controlled switch has 3 terminals:

  • nCOM is common
  • nBEFORE is connected to nCOM for times before T
  • nAFTER is connected to nCOM for times before T

So if you use nCOM and nBEFORE, as shown here, you'll find that the switch starts off closed and ends up open at t=5:

by mrobbins
September 04, 2020

Thank you!

by ConnorBecz
September 04, 2020

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