Move Simulation Window ?

I want to see where my measure points are, while graph is displayed. Can I somehow open the simulator in another window ? Somehow I need to see the design & graph at same time.

by wudwork
December 30, 2020

Perhaps this helps: If you press AND hold Ctrl+d in the graph view then your design is superimposed.

by hkienle
January 06, 2022

This is what I do: 1. Double the window width and move the circuit to the right half. 2. Now, Narrow the width to half and run the simulation. It'll fill the "half" window. 3. Widen the window again to see both.

by kendj0rdan
February 13, 2022

How does one position the whole circuit on the page?

by cucaprimes
October 09, 2022

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