simple voltage divider

I'm taking the Great Courses "Understanding Modern Electronics" course. First assignment build a voltage divider using 6 volt battery and 3 resistors. Easy to build in CD, a pain in the a** in Do Circuits. However, my assignment is to measure the voltage across certain points. How do you meter circuits or can you not do that with the trial version? Thanks

by jacknet
February 24, 2016

Please see:


You can make up plot expressions like:


to plot a voltage difference.

You can do similar things to measure currents.

See also:

for a bit more on how to decide on the direction of current flow into and out of the pins on a part.

by signality
February 24, 2016

Hey signality. Thanks for taking the time to provide those helpful links.

by jacknet
February 24, 2016

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