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Created September 30, 2013
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CircuitLab's Parameters feature is used to calculate a narrowband impedance L-match to match a higher-impedance signal source to a 50 ohm RF load at 2.45GHz.


This CircuitLab schematic shows how to calculate inductor and capacitor values to create a narrowband impedance transformation, providing optimal power transfer between a mismatched source and load at a particular desired signal frequency.

For more information about the "L match" concept, see this great article from KF5OBS. This particular example (shunt capacitor followed by series inductor) and calculation matches a higher impedance source on the left with a lower impedance source on the right.

Run the frequency domain simulation to see how the network provides optimal power transfer at and near the "freq_c" center frequency for different values of the source impedance "Rsrc".

Run the DC Sweep simulation to see the calculated Lmatch inductance and Cmatch capacitance for different source impedances.

Edit any of the parameters, for example Rsrc and freq_c, and re-run the simulations to see just how powerful CircuitLab's parameters feature can be!


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